Color Printing

Joy of Printing

Terms and Conditions


Included with your order is a color proof that we will send overnite for your approval. We recommend you return these proofs, signed, asap to maintain your production schedule and avoid delays. We will not go to press without a signed proof.

Over and Under Press Runs

All orders are subject to a 10% over/under press run and is deemed acceptable for delivery. This cost will be charged or credited to your print order.


All first time orders require a 50% deposit by check or credit card. The completed job will ship COD unless otherwise arranged in advance.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be charged on all orders when applicable. If you are a reseller and exempt from sales tax, we require a valid resale card on file with an authorized signature.


Every effort will be made to meet your required deadline, however even minor changes may delay your order. All jobs do not include shipping time when estimated.


All orders are FOB plant of origin. Unless specified, we will ship by the most economical method.


Whether submitted on a disc or uploaded to our FTP site, all supplied art must be accompanied by a faxed hard copy of the layout and our Artwork Submission Form.
Download: ArtWork Submission Form PDF

If using ftp we recommend that you compress your file(s) in order to reduce transfer time and minimize confusion as well as reducing the possibility that your file could be corrupted in transfer. Shareware software is available for download for both Mac and PC platforms.

Changes, Corrections and Aterations

Customer’s changes, corrections or alterations from the original submitted material or submitted instructions with the initial order will be at the customer's expense. These conditions are also applicable whenever changes are requested after the color proof has been issued. Any additional charges will be quoted for your approval and must be approved before we will proceed with your order. The printing timeline may be extended as a result of these changes.

Sales Order

Once you’ve committed to doing a job with Joy of Printing, we’ll send you a sales order with all the specifications clearly printed which you’ll sign and fax or email back to us.
Download: Sales Order Form PDF