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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my job take?

For Postcards, timing begins on the day after your supplied material is received at the printing plant. Postcards will ship in approximately 7-10 working days, less the time it takes for proofing, and the finished job will ship UPS ground unless otherwise specified.

For catalogs & brochures, color proofs will usually ship to you the day after your supplied material is received at the printing plant, providing there are no problems with your files. Once the approved proofs are received back at the plant, your job ships in 5-7 working days.

What is combo-run printing?

In combo-run printing, your job is printed with several others at the same time, all sharing the cost of the press time, ink, and paper. Typically, 8 sheets are printed at the same time but depending on the equipment, different configurations can be used.


How do I know what software you accept?

Let us know what platform and software you are working with before submitting it and we'll let you know if our equipment can handle it. On multi-page catalogs, we often suggest sending us a page or two before you finish preparing the final art so we can preflight your art and avoid unnecessary problems.

How do I get my art to you?

Files can be uploaded to our FTP site or sent on a disc.

Whether submitted on a disc or uploaded to our FTP site, all supplied art must be accompanied by a faxed hard copy of the layout and our Artwork Submission Form.  ArtWork Submission Form (PDF)

We recommend that you compress your file(s) in order to reduce transfer time and minimize confusion as well as reducing the possibility that your file could be corrupted in transfer. Shareware software is available for download for both Mac and PC platforms.


What is an Aqueous Coating?

Aqueous coating is a waterbased coating applied at the end of the print run. It is used to protect the piece from fingerprints and rough handling.

What if I want a Dull Coating?

We can produce your product on dull stock but it usually involves an upcharge. On multi-page catalogs, we can often substitute dull or matte paper for gloss at no extra charge.


Will I see proofs?

Proofs are included with all jobs we print although the formats for viewing will depend on your time frame.

What if I want to make changes to my proof?

We can usually make changes to your job but it depends on what format your file was created in and at what stage you are making the change. Generally, there will be a slight charge for a new proof but once again, it depends on the situation.


What are payment terms?

We require full payment when the job is delivered. We require a 50% deposit for first time customers. All jobs will be sent COD unless payment has been made in advance.

Will working with a broker cost more?

With over 20 years in the business we have developed special relationships with our vendors and often act as an in-house sales rep so our pricing is often lower than if you went direct. I can get answers to your questions quickly and ensure that things happen in a timely manner.

What happens if I tell you a joke you've never heard before?

We will give you a 1% discount on your order.